Cover art by Crystal Araiza

In Queens of Noise, Mixi fronts the Mangy Rats, a motley found family of queers, crust punks and werecoyotes. Mixi and their band know they’re gonna win the Battle of the Bands final showdown, no matter what it takes. But to make that happen, they’ll also have to contend with poser goths, murderous chickens, and a bullshit corporate takeover ruining the best bar in town.


“…readers will appreciate the sensitive, nuanced treatment of the LGBTQ pack members and the moments of humor. Anarchic, bighearted, and fun, this scruffy tale will appeal to fans of urban fantasy and queer paranormal romance…” – Publisher’s Weekly

“The beautiful prose had me wanting to curl under the blanket and read forever! Beautiful prose, spot-on colourful, descriptive characters packed into an electric, lively novella.” – Tlotlo Tsammase

Where to Buy

Pre-orders are currently available through a Kickstarter until March 21, 2020 for a special low price and option of bundling with other of Neon Hemlock’s amazing 2020 novella series.

More purchasing details to come!